Many slain journalists predicted they would be murdered, but continued their reporting until the bloody end. Why did they persist?

“It’s near the end for me,” Khalid Hassan, Iraq, murdered three days later.

“This time they’ll get me,” Guillermo Bravo, Colombia, murdered six weeks later.

“I am ready to die for this cause,” Marlene Esperat, Philippines, murdered five weeks later in front of her children.

“I am in danger, anytime I can be killed,” Manik Saha, Bangladesh, murdered a year later.

“I will be next,” Anna Politkovskaya, Russia, stated at the funeral of a murdered colleague before her own murder.

“We are under threat of violence; we have to be ready for anything.” Aleksei Sidorov (rt.), after the murder of his colleague, Valery Ivanov (lft). Sidorov was then murdered while pursuing the story that led to Ivanov’s murder.

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